Which detergent is best to wash cookingware? Fairy Think you, or other detergents. But from personal experience, I became convinced that the best detergent for washing kitchen utensils – Dishwasher. Until that moment, until I held it in the hands of the dishes, washed in the dishwasher, I thought that you only need to apply diligence, patience and virility to qualitatively wash dishes (and thus prove to his wife that the dishwasher Our family is not needed). I rubbed glass saucepan lids from water stains and drops of fat, rinsed “three waters” glass and crystal wine glasses, pots of “steel” after my sink gleamed patches of sunlight. “No I equal to washing dishes “- so I thought before buying a dishwasher.

And he was defeated by a white metal box, fyrchaschim and ringing the water jets. Glass and crystal glasses, bowls, not only shining, but squeaked into hands Fat? That fat, if with a wooden handle ladle washed away not only dirt but also paint! And most importantly – now I can not hear his wife’s non-intrusive questions: “Who would have washed the dishes?”. In our modern life dishwashers is not yet fit as a necessity. Proportion of their sales, among other household appliances is about 5%. But without a dishwasher, a modern woman just as difficult to farm, as well without refrigeration. Why? My answer question with a question: How do look at the hands of a woman at the kitchen sink rubber gloves? And as a woman “decorate” her hands red and steaming? A quieting of the soul of every woman and decoration of hands – a manicure, relentlessly washed away the kitchen sink? And while a woman? And the most important question: our men’s calm? So – thank dishwasher! Of course, you can do without a dishwasher.

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