High quality talks were declining visitor numbers betting the ERPII manufacturer e.bootis ag moves despite the declining number of visitors a satisfied conclusion of the CeBIT 2009. The Essenes, who have won over 20 new customers in the last few months alone, showed intense and expandable contacts. At the same time the new strategic partnership with the Hamburger CPL GmbH could be announced at the trade fair. After cautious trade fair opening on Tuesday, many good conversations surrendered in the next few days, this year’s CeBIT, reported by the e.bootis Executive Board Dr. Karl LClair AG. The future deletion of Sunday welcomed the company, because this day is not already frequented own target market. The planned reflection and concentration on a business customer fair is a commendable – and more desirable change in strategy the Deutsche Messe AG.\” The Essenes be consistently on most modern technologies feel not by a general reluctance of German medium-sized companies.

Since beginning of 2008 already a large number of new customers from the segments of PBS (paper, Office supplies and stationery industry), electronics, technical trade, and discrete manufacturing won ag the e.bootis. This positive trend has continued with three new customers in the current quarter. In regard to the current economic and financial crisis the main focus of the customers and prospects is a comprehensible ROI and a middle-class-oriented representation of the operating costs (total cost of ownership). This is given by the single source code philosophy of the platform-independent e.bootis ERP II suite, by the 100% release and maintenance of the standard solution of. These commercial considerations were in addition to the technological leadership of e.bootis ERP and the extensive feature coverage – for Dr. Volker Puke, Managing Director of the CPL consulting for organization and data processing GmbH, Hamburg, the decisive reasons for the partnership agreed at the fair with e.bootis.

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