Denied to return to his house and after a brief season of study in Lausanne it remains to live with his grandmother in Petrogrado where to the 18 years it contracts marriage with lawyer Tadeus Lempicki and this it is a crucial point in his life then few years later and in the middle of the vortex of the Russian revolution his husband is arrested and after much Tamara effort he obtains his liberation which gave certain halo him of heroin in which she will become involved tasteful. After liberation travels shortly after to Copenhagen and to Paris, where they settle and is born his Kizette daughter; in this initial period in Paris he is when Tamara undertakes a formal painting education, studying under the guide of Maurice Denis and Andr Lothe. In spite of the vicissitudes of the Tamara life it maintains estatus economic that, reinforced by the sale of his first pictures, it allows a quite comfortable train him of life (that would be the sign of all their life) and that will allow him to realise numerous trips by Europe in company of the high society in contrast to its intimate entailment with the Bohemian of Paris, by that one time of great personages who would make history in many scopes like Cocteau or Picasso. With his style clearly defined and framed in the Art Deco, in the decade of the 20, it participates in exhibitions that abren the doors to him of the world, so to speak, obtaining spaces of diffusion for itself and their work in magazines like Harper' s Bazaar. In this decade great events in their life follow one another: one season to Italy moves where besides to present/display its works in exhibitions maintains relations with the dramatist Gabrielle D' Announcement that although hardly lasts three brief years will leave deep marks emotional; also in these years it will obtain an important recognition when winning well-known prizes and recognitions in Bordeaux and Poznan besides making specific in 1928 his divorce of Tadeus.

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