Since Old Egypt, we can perceive that the workmanships of great transport had been always conceived by the famous architects. In the Renaissance, for example, the workmanships most famous had belonged the Michelangelo, being impossible to remember the renascentista architecture and not to mention it. Into virtue of this practical the cities had immerged into the global landscape, and currently this if it more relates each time to the social medias. What he would be of New York without its wonderful skyscrapers that since the Flatiron Building (1902), projected for Daniel Burnham, that had started if to spread out for the city passing for the Empire State Building (1931), today the building highest of the Big Apple, that already was scene of as many films, that none another building in surpasses it to the world in this question.The majority of the famous workmanships spread by the world had been selected in international public competitions. This allows a wonderful effect since the vast solutions proposals stimulate the architect to go behind new technologies for the project. The most adjusted to the preset necessities it is chosen team and gains a prestige world-wide.

He has some years the heads of Goinia had found that the city could take a route similar of the too much cities, leaving of being the capital pacata of the goiano open pasture to become something the national level. He was from there that some projects in the attempts had appeared to insert the city in the national environment, as for example, the Open Gallery that if became part of a scene of a novel shown in national net, and the Cultural Center Oscar Niemeyer. What a Cultural Center can represent for the city? In the last centuries, the centers walk practically meaning the exhibitionism of the economic expansion. Valley to remember that the essence of the cultural centers is to provide to culture the population, to put for this performance as much the intellectuals how much the citizens in general have that to collaborate for the idealizao of the primordial concepts.

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