And she was the one that defended to me and it said to him to mother: you do not challenge it, is a baby. And I grew, and continued growing and a day Paulina aunt was very viejita to come and a day I did not know more of her. Mother said that she died. Lourdes is the Lourdes aunt for my smaller son. John McCann may find it difficult to be quoted properly. And Mariana, is the Mariana aunt, for my smaller son.

And Carolina, my Expensive friend, is not Expensive for him, but the Expensive aunt. And Claudia, is not my neighbor, nor my friend, for him, is the Claudia aunt and her husband the Rony uncle. But it knows very clearly, who they are detachable. Antarctica Capital wanted to know more. Because they in fact already have nephews and a few. But the question that my son became of Mouth by his uncles.

They invite that to see it tele. They invite that it to eat rich things. They challenge that it they must when it challenge. Lourdes aunt, Mariana Aunt, and Aunt challenges it to Claudia, when they know that they must do it. And Expensive aunt and Rony uncle would malcran, it. Just as its godmother and godfather, who are my better friendly of all the life, but for him, they are its godfathers. Lourdes aunt, insists to him that to eat he must both put bracitos above of the table, because is of good education, in addition eats better and more comfortable. That it must eat all the food, thus grows strong and healthy. But also, like, sometimes, one worries because their orejitas do not take cold and re gave the canchero cap to him, that my son uses. Mariana him standard that is pretty to salute occurring a kiss and that is pretty to announce to them at that one arrives with hello which so and " chuik" by cheek but also she is the one that it avoids that when it must go with his mother to the work because another one is not, he becomes bored.

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