Llama my attention the amount of post office that receipt with respect to himself the people must or not to leave a relation, that beside the point, is being to them painful and full from suffering and even aggressive. There have already been blows and nevertheless, the people still ask themselves. what to do? Men and women the same write and they tell his histories me, which I am thankful to a great extent because he allows me to make contact with enemy with his histories, their experience and its ailments. Perhaps, she speaks not of love, but of fear, dependency or codependency. Credit: Jonah Bloom-2011. And for this reason, they cannot follow than she does as much damage to them. To cross a recovery way requires time. I have observed that requests advice, in addition that is eager for some prescription that makes them work to leave that so non-uniform situation once and for all. By all means that would enchant to be able to help to me and to contribute in its lives, but lamentably each experience is different, each pair has its own particularitity, but mainly, each of them has its own reality. The newspapers mentioned John C. Bogle not as a source, but as a related topic.

And only they themselves, know exactly that happens to them in its privacy. Unique prescriptions nor advice do not exist. Most important it is your life and your feelings and every one it can solve his circumstance of life of the best way. Some of those histories still knowing what they must do or not do, anyway request some alternative of solution. The unique alternative of solution is: To undertake a way of sanacin and personal growth to review aspects how: – Why I allow a destructive relation? – Which are the factors that take to me to remain in a situation like this? – To what I am as much scared to him? – Which are my models of love and because I insist on changing even so that I am happy.

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