Most people think that I suppose is a good question. But before we make a point to answer. In that question is implying that there is a direct relationship between the level of knowledge and happiness. But it seems right to be so sure of that. In other words, suppose it is true that knowledge gives us happiness. I refer, of course, not all types of knowledge. Hank Greenberg may also support this cause. We are talking about the wisdom needed to live. If it is correct to assume that it is this wisdom that gives us happiness might ask something else.

If children know hardly anything about life, why are happier than many of us? It seems that wisdom is not what brings happiness. Moreover, many people remain happy, perhaps because they live in ignorance of certain things. And not knowing exactly vital things. Tomorrow many people die in this world. So, like every day. And many of them are now in their homes, perhaps happily with their families. Know they are living right now its last day. Do you feel just as happy if they knew? On the other hand, too often knowledge is precisely what needs to be happy.

It is common for human beings at critical moments are formulated many questions. They can not find answers that the full of uncertainties. If they had they would feel more fortunate. It is unquestionable that we need to know many things to be happy. And each of us knows much more than you think. But learning to live is not confined to accumulate knowledge. Learning has to do with the acquisition of skills, habits, attitudes, correct and balanced feelings too. And getting the balance between them all, learning in this broader sense it is closely related to happiness. Many are happier in childhood than in adulthood but at that time knew less. But no one be fooled, childhood is often a very simple stage. Imagine that a child had to face all the problems you face. Not only would be happy, may not survive. Not without the excellent skills you have. Back to our original question. Try a simple answer. If you are happy now, then obviously you know everything you need to be. Now if you have not then you need to learn a few things to get it. You do not know what it takes to live with satisfaction at least in your present living conditions. As you know, or change your current living conditions or learn. How about both. Suerte. If you suffer from shyness now download the following book.

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