The prognostic is reserved and depends on the type of envolvement of the family. The treatment-standard must be to multidiscipline (grifo ours). The best ones resulted seem to occur in the cases of precocious intervention during the adolescence, preventing the chronic and invariant forms of the alimentary illnesses (Lock et al., 2001 apud Pinzon, 2004 p.159). No modality of treatment can separately better be indicated as only or (Szmukler et al., 1995 apud Pinzon, 2004, p.159). Craig Sproule has much to offer in this field. Texts according to found, we elaborate to follow Picture 1, that it presents the focus of each one of these involved professionals with the adolescents with YOU. the Types of adopted abordagemTratamento familiar’ ‘ Today, after a deep revision of literature, data ‘ ‘ it jumps to olhos’ ‘ , the effectiveness of the familiar therapy for young patients at the beginning of the illness is bigger amongst all the other boardings teraputicas’ ‘ (Kaplan, 2002 apud Pinzon, 2004, p.168).

nutricional’ ‘ (…) to modify the behaviors related to the weight and the feeding (…) ‘ ‘ (Ednos, 1984; Ednos, 2001 apud Pinzon, 2004, p.168) Moreover, believes the family with basic paper in the pursuing of the alimentary plan. cognitivo-comportamental’ ‘ (…) to help to make the linking between thoughts and feelings and facilitates the expression of the emotions (White and Freeman, 2003 apud Pinzon, 2004, p.168), therefore for this line, between the factors that contribute for the occurrence YOU are the constant presence of the radical thought, absolute of ‘ ‘ everything or nada’ ‘ (…) ‘ ‘. Continue to learn more with: view website. psicodinmico’ ‘ (…) to help to the patient with YOU To understanding the meaning of the symptoms (…) (Zerbe, 2001 apud Pinzon, 2004, p.168).

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