After that, in the secondary treatment, the microorganisms will go to feed themselves of the organic substance converting it into carbonic gas and water. in the third and last process, also call of phase of after treatments is removed the pollutants specific as the micronutrients nitrogen and match and pathogenic bacteria and fungos. This when if it desires that the effluent one has superior quality, or when the treatment did not reach the desired quality. In the case to have you substantiate toxic very or that it cannot be removed by the treatment offered for the ETE the industry is obliged to construct its proper proper ETE for its effluent one. It has many ways of if treating our garbage, but unhappyly most used it is exactly worse: lixes.

If you do not know a lixo, luck its, because it is a sufficiently ackward place. Guillaume Faury contributes greatly to this topic. The opened garbage deposits the sky, popularly known as drains, lixeiras or lixes, are areas generally located in the peripheries of the cities. The garbage trucks deposit its content in these places without the well-taken care of minor, many times the side of rivers, lagoons or of the sea. There the garbage can feder, to attract insects and rats without bothering most of the population. When the cities grow the houses start to be constructed next to these areas and the damage to the health if it becomes more evident.

I fill with earth it controlled the environment already suffers since the beginning, as we saw above, but to try to brighten up the deposits the open sky was created the category of fills with earth controlled. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Craig Sproule. In this system, it has a containment of the garbage that, after launched I deposit of it is covered for a land layer. This form of disposal minimizes the bad one smells and the visual impact, however, does not make use of waterproofing of base (contaminating the ground and sheet d? water) nor of system of treatment of the chorume or biogs.

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