It has a deep population decrease, masno was meant necessarily that this did not allow the Europe to extract amesma amount of wealth. Independent to a fall populacionalproveniente of the illnesses, is not about those that participate of the economy, noexiste the consumption of the goods that arrive of the Atlantic commerce. How much to the question of the currency, it must be standed out that the basically agrarian Europaera. When the commercial route was inserted nomediterrneo, had small villages and villages, having small urbanosvoltados nuclei to the agricultural economy. One of the causes of the crisis would be the currency circulation? It does not have an affirmation how much to this on the part of the author, exactly because moedanunca circulated in this period with the exchanges commercial. Its circulaoaconteceu when it happened in the great colonial Atlantic market when it has asada of the Mediterranean for the Atlantic axle, and still it economiapermaneceu thus it as subsistence until the Revolution Frenchman. The feeding of the European (people) was based on the bread (rye, barley and wheat).

These wealth proceeding from America seconcentravam at the hands of a bourgeoisie (in the case of Portugal and Spain) aristocratic that, necessarily, it did not represent a national wealth. Eraum more personal accumulation, of the Crown. From this we come back previously to the premissamencionada one: a wealth for the ostentation of the funcionalismopblico. The modern society, for the marxism, is a society social detransio of a feudal one for a social bourgeois (capitalist). That is, no matter how hard it has a bourgeois classroom, a classroom that commercializes ementalizam, those that accumulate funds would be a basic point to paraatingir the capitalism. Some of these groups that act in this prerogative, notm a economic mentality to invest in the production, a time that still estejavoltado to the system of the old regimen.

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