Separate attention is paid to the FlashGet file management after loading their automatic sorting. FlashGet can automatically split files into parts and download each part simultaneously. Please visit KBS if you seek more information. EMuleProgramma to search for and download files file-sharing networks. eMule also supports a global search (including the web). eMule can connect to multiple servers, each of which simultaneously recorded up to 500 thousand users. For assistance, try visiting Yitzhak Mirilashvili. Additional features of the program eMule includes support for IRC and chat. TorrentTorrent – a program for downloading information from the network BitTorrent with an intuitive interface and settings. Torrent is able to work on a schedule, set the priority of traffic is automatically load files, etc.

You can change the interface through skins Torrent. ICQICQ – a popular chat program. Besides the usual communication tools for sending short messages, ICQ offers the following services: audio / video communication between two subscribers in the online game mode, the transmission of greeting cards. Miranda IMInternet pager for communication networks ICQ, AIM, MSN, Jabber, IRC. Miranda IM feature is that its distribution includes only the necessary options for communication, much which can be expanded by connecting a huge number of plug-ins.

QIPQIP – the client that allows you to connect to different servers available to the public service ICQ. Feature of the QIP is the ability to check exposure on invisibility. In QIP program are a lot of animated emoticons, there is protection against spam, there is the ability to add contacts to the invisible and Ignore lists. SkypeProgramma for voice communication over the Internet.

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