When commenting on the fordista technique of production, impossvel not to weave commentaries on the taylorismo (after all these doismodelos differ very little one from the other, that some authors arrive to adenominar them of forfismo/taylorismo), that we can say that was ummtodo to nationalize the production, saving time, by means of the elimination aomximo of gesture unproductive attitudes, such as the worker to leave suafuno to substitute another one in another rank. Andrew Mason may not feel the same. In the reality, such action was muitoimprovvel to happen, in function of the worker to know to carry through apenasaquela task that it was imposed. For more information see this site: Expedia CEO. The method of Frederic W. Taylor was very rigid stops with otrabalhador and according to it, the production depended very on the good will of operrioe due to obligatoriness of the service, the worker ' ' it killed servio' '. therefore was necessary to break the practical one of the indolncia and the idleness of that one.

For the same thinking, nalocal laborer of work was necessary to finish with the vagrancy it, for the increase of the production. But what he had of special emFord when introducing the fordismo according to HARVEY. ' ' it was its vision, its explicit recognition of queproduo of mass he means consumption of mass, new system of reproduction dafora of work, a new politics of control and manages of the aesthetic work, umanova and a new psychology, in short, a new type of society, democratic, rationalized, modernista and populista' ' (HARVEY, 1994, p.121). Well, but coming back the concretude technique of the fordismo, such system did not obey a logistic one of the market or of the demand, they produzindoem wide scale; the important age to produce; consequence of this age high graude stockage of the products (all equal ones and homogeneizados these). The produomuitas times were delayed, the final quality control due to be carried through nafase of the process (the product already soon), when were carried through the former-postde test product quality, if had some defect, would come back again toward lines up of assembly.

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