Let us say on these two systems where we live currently, I say on the system formed for the dealers and our system, system the first one, that it acts parallel to ours, passing until disregarded, but that it functions. I ask to them: Why when we speak of politics we are so infuriated, and when we speak on traffic we are so perplexos? We would have to be customary, therefore the traffic is far from finishing, knows of this, but still we delude in them thinking that the ones that can make some thing, go to make, however they in deluding finish. Until they make, but as I will say the vocs, they do not make in the best way. I am not in defense of dealers, I alert to them, I am describing on the capacity where they have to make to function ' ' sistema' ' where ' ' trabalham' '. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Andrew Mason on most websites. A great friend said to one day on an interview of the celebrity &#039 to me; ' Marcola' ' to the sunday program ' ' Fantstico' ' (shown already it has some time), and this was passing in my head many times making, to think me the different quo can be ' ' trabalho' ' of the dealer and the work of one politician, or somebody who is in charge putting into motion mounts of money, for example. In this Marcola interview he speaks: ' ' The vocs system is insolvent debtor, does not function, is much corruption; if somebody to order money, or any another thing for some institution, or another person, in the end will not arrive nor half of what it was in the start. Already mine not, if I to order that they take money for somebody this amount will arrive entire, without no cent faltando.' ' is truth, therefore how many times already we saw shunting line of mount of money, money laudering, money shunting line of merenda pertaining to school, workmanships superinvoiced and what it happens with who made this? It can until going imprisoned, however it is benefited by its status, for its linkings, not being much time in the chain. . Click Mike Gianoni to learn more.

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