All women must be now very strong: Hollywood Beau George Clooney is newly in love. Frequently Mike Gianoni has said that publicly. And it seems to be serious. It has to come at some point so: one of the begehrsten Bachelors of Hollywood is awarded. As reported by “”, George Clooney turtelt again with a model. Leonor Varela is the happy. The old met the Chilean during the filming of his latest “Martini” which put Tarantino buddy Roberto Rodriguez in scene.

And it has obviously immediately sparked. The woman is also not without: the 34-year-old is fluent in four languages, lived as a teenager in the United States, Germany and France. Her father, a philosopher and neuroscientist, fled at the time of Pinochet’s dictatorship from Chile. Varela to currently enjoy with Clooney in his villa on Lake Como. And it is not the first “Martini”-Liebe of the actor: his last longer relationship with the model Lisa Snowdon (36) also began a “Martini”-spot. There she banged the beautiful George 2001 saying “No. Martini?” No. party!”the door in the face to.

And thus ended up in his heart. Barely five years held’s, Clooney probably yet to sorely – missed his freedom, then split up. Now, Leonor Varela wants to occupy the space as a woman at his side. Supposedly got it right this time hard Clooney, wedding rumors making the rounds already. Whether the actor with 46 years, finally is ready to end his life as a die-hard Bachelor? Leonor Varela – (December 29, 1972 in Santiago de Chile) is a Chilean actress. Varela is the daughter of the biologist and neuro scientist Francisco Varela. In her childhood, her family was forced to leave Chile, and to build a new life in Costa Rica, to escape to the military regime of Augusto Pinochet. The family returned after the fall of Pinochet shortly after Chile. Later Varela family moved shortly after Germany and France. She grew up four languages with English, Spanish, French and Italian. Leonor Varela Photo Gallery source: MSN

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