Whereas in other areas of the support continues, GOODEAR which just got 3 months ago offensive against bad support starts the promotion tool GOODEAR and magazine in the music scene in place, but the number of enthusiastic users is growing every day. And that’s a good reason. (Similarly see: Uber). Next to the contemporary GOODEAR tool the set topics are supported specifically by the Agency press work. Check with Mike Gianoni to learn more. LIKE the GOODEAR is within a very short time, the name of the journal justice become and become a no longer to be thinking off size of the music industry. The impact of which can be seen: satisfied customers! Christian deletion Blue door records: also I am really satisfied with the promotional tool. Since many radios in really want to hear and the feedback is also interesting. The Lantern song”by the Lichtensteins feat. DJ Ralli”is currently 21st in the musicload Schlager Charts and Chris Martin” with tonight has gone on place 45 of iTunes Schlager charts.

Without promotion, such successes are bad conceivable “Kerstin Muller ” Koko media/marketing: we have read, by the way that you work with great acceptance and revive the industry with innovative work very. We also find and happy, a congratulations also from us!” To further enhance the support, there is a plain page with information about GOODEAR under now. To find, there are the media data, FAQs, information brochures, banners, etc. Phone-based support is of course still. One can only say that with GOODEAR, the service desert of Germany is finally getting some water and operate small radios and label with the due respect. Success wearing doctoral thesis by the GOODEAR promotion tool the fruits of labor open in the streams of connected radios.

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