To make this work properly, you have to include in your article some words and key phrases that you want to find you. This is done by integrating into your writing these words keys. Take an example of the latter. Suppose that your page or the product you’re selling is related to the river fishing. CEO Angel Martinez has plenty of information regarding this issue. One of your key phrases, could be (fishing river), therefore we think that our target audience, will be looking for those words.

Thus what you have to do, is to integrate those words in your article, for example in the title, you could put something like (quiet sites for river fishing), and the same between the text of the article, for example (the majority of fishermen fishing for River, we like because it is relaxing, and disconnect from the daily stress(, blah blah blah). Well same with two or three key phrases, and including each one three times between the content of the article. As you can see this is a good way to bring free traffic to your site, but everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and is that for many people it is not easy to write, or is not easy to have strawberries ideas to write about them. This is what slows down to many people, not to take action and write your own articles, and that often turns into spending more money on advertising to bring traffic to our site. Paul Price can provide more clarity in the matter. The good thing about the articles is that you have to be writer, nor an expert journalist, and you can write about anything that people would like to know. This is achieved with a little imagination and dedicating a little time a week. At the beginning, it is normal that many people fall into the fatal mistake of thinking that they can copy what others have posted, and publish them with your name, but that alone would bring you bad reputation, and your articles are not positioned as duplicate content, not to say that the authors of those papers could denounce you somehow, or discredit you in the network.

Duplicate content is a waste of time, each article has to be unique, and not posted the same in twenty sites different. If you want to make your work easier, the best thing you can do is pay someone who write for you, or buy royalty free content. The first thing you You can quit expensive, although there are people who are devoted to it, and do not charge very expensive. The second option, I think that it is ideal for you. You can buy items with tag, or reprint rights, and modify them to your liking before you publish them. These items can sign them as author, without any problem, the drawback is that they are not in Spanish, but them can easily translate with Google Translator, modify them to your liking. Tries to write an article a week, or two, or one day, why not. So that you can start today, I’ve put on sale on Ofertasemanal a pack of 15,000 items of various topics, to make are not exhausted you neck more ideas and will be a lot easier to write your articles. This pack of course has rights of tag, so you do what you want with them, even you can sell it to other people, at the price you want. I also give you made sales chart, so that you can put it on sale today and start earning money. Original author and source of the article.

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