“The thick steering wheel is so firmly in the hand like the shaft of a Winchester, the chairs are so soft and comfortable as the sofa in the back room of the Golden Nugget” and 13 inches more wheelbase provide up to 1554 litres of storage space and enough space on all seats but can also in the rear the large amount not deceive about the short seat and the steep boundaries. On long journeys, the back seat is so fast to the sin bin. The increase in size of course positively affects space. Front as rear you can enjoy sufficient free space. For the rear seats you however wish a larger bearing surface for the perseverance.

“Everything, everything on it is anything but Mercedes-like the facilities: where you have to pay extra for the original for many extras, the American cousin is fully loaded”: everything and anything on it. The standard equipment ranges from the keyless start system on the leather upholstery to the knee airbag for the driver. Nevertheless, there are of course some extras such as a large glass roof or the navigation system, whose speed however close on a year of production, in which the post with the coach came. Also on board, including a cruise control with distance control, a warning system for rear-end collisions are and the electronic glimpse into the blind spots. In the Interior, there is no rough offroad everyday, but a high degree of fine premium fittings. Who longs for the top model overland, operated with the finest leather and abundant wood.

Thanks to 13 inches more wheelbase, also the trunk with the Palatzangebot too. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jeffrey Leiden San Diego. Easily expandable results in a storage room with up to 1554 liters. American way of drive the car but has a German platform. But under the hood, the Grand Cherokee is the classic Ami: instead of a diesel or a supercharged four cylinder, there is a brand-new V6 engine or the good old HEMI V8.

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