Just when the Nordic Hag all Rune (“= Hag all all include, in bergen, the key to all and so all runes, …”) Harmony in the divine I “(, so Herbert Reichstein) which is made up of the ‘positive’ man, and the”negative”yr-Rune;” and also the indo Germanic OM symbol: the “Om” or “Aum” is a left hand on a clockwise swastika. Called this “OM”, so the resulting sound is to combine one with the primordial. This symbol indicates in this respect also for the “one”be with God. Hear from experts in the field like brick paths for a more varied view. (see Appendix 4) This well illustrated connection polarity to the spiritual, the is on the one hand as the origin of the material in the transcendent and on the other hand expresses the overcoming of the polarity, called Trinity or even Holy Trinity. Notes: The 3 is the number of the relative (something appears relatively large or relatively small according to the respective Viewer) and gains (small, smaller, smallest; etc.) The Trinity (classic: father, son and Holy Spirit) is found in similar form in other cultures.

In the Vedas as Brahma (creator), Shiva (the destroyer) and Vishnu (the preserver). and the ancient Egyptians as ISIS, Osiris and Horus. Also the “Eye of God” or “all-seeing eye” is by no means random, well-known symbol is located in a triangle. (see Appendix 7) -4-“symbol of the material” cabalistic: Did graphically: equilateral square or gleicharmiges cross Tarot: “The ruler” (female) because the 4 all material representing the medieval quartering was not only obvious, but also symbolic for the destruction of the (physical) body. As “number of World”or”Number of the Earth”is the 4 but also for the knowledge of the interrelationships of the world: there are four directions, four elements (the mythology after fire, water, air and Earth), four seasons etc. Herbert Reichstein writes about the Kabbalistic significance of 4: (…) the fact (is) the actual driving force of life.

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