History A group of residents from Comodoro Rivadavia, mostly foreigners, founded by 13 February 1919 the Club Gimnasia y Esgrima. This institution which opened its doors eighteen years after the erection of the largest city in Patagonia Argentina, Comodoro Rivadavia (1901), was renowned in the sports and social issues from its inception. From 1942 he was the organizer of the Marathon remembered as neighborhoods, socio-sports event of great significance in the area. It was the first provincial basketball champion when it was founded in 1941, the Basketball Federation of Chubut. Next to Club Social y Deportivo Mr. Luis A. Huergo, pioneered the practice of tennis in the city. He offered a myriad of championships to their partners in local football.Many other sporting activities were practiced in the institution and brought gratifying moments of his followers and the city in general, rugby, fencing, hockey, martial arts, chess, skating, volleyball, coupled with social and cultural events were and still remain a letter of introduction to this institution. The sport that transcended time and currently still provides moments auspices entire Patagonia region, is the basketball. In the past 16 years Gimnasia y Esgrima represents all of southern Patagonia, in the field of national basketball. In 1989 he won the National League Championship B which enabled him to access the Argentine basketball first level, the National League A. Leadership that continuously maintained, for 17 consecutive seasons. The organization has proudly in its history, with the presence of one of the founders of the National League, Dn.Najnudel Le n, who along with Henry Tolcachier coaching staff formed the 92/93 ion of the National League, getting at that time the fourth. The path followed by gymnastics at the national level, has taken the sports and entertainment dimension that is unprecedented in the area, becoming the only event focused category and relevance of the passion and the feeling of all the inhabitants of this region who feel represented by our institution. The ostrich is the mascot of the club and the background is seen an icon of Commodore, an oil rig, both signs of height and grandeur. In the pages of the history of eighty-six years of institutional life, stand out in 2000 containing brilliant social and sporting moments. The 99/00 season was the most successful career basquetbol stica undertaken by the institution in 1990.The team consists of: Marcelo Richotti Raul Merlo, Leonardo Mauti, Fabian Tourn, Eloy Mart n, Pablo Mold Raul Malchiodi, Stanley Easterling, David Scott, Evric Gray, Diego Romero and Marcelo Comaleras, all under the direction of coach Fernando composed Opezzo lasted and Eduardo came to be among the top three teams in the country, ranking third in this year’s National League, which served as the international passport: Comodoro Rivadavia team would participate in the sixth ion of the South American League Basketball. Undoubtedly it was the most important sporting event in the history of basketball Patagonia. On the floor of the teams were Founding Members of the Basque race of Da Gama and Flamengo in Brazil.The South American League, was an event very convener in the region, more than 3,500 people gathered at each of the meetings that took place in our stadium, and an important part of supporters accompanied the team, when they had to play outside the city, as lived in Osorno, Chile. These moments fueled the spirit dirigenciales to continue this work to maintain in the name of the city and all the Patagonian region on the eve of Argentine sport. Proudly, Gimnasia y Esgrima de Comodoro Rivadavia among its record technicians, two technical assistants of the Argentina Basketball. Fernando Enrique Tolcachier and Duro, who worked with the team coach for seven consecutive yearsand no doubt the work of the technical team: Magnano, Duro, and Tolcachier, put our country in the window of the World Basketball of It goes out the last two achievements.The 2nd place in the 2002 World Basketball Major developed in Indianapolis, USA and 2nd in the 2003 Senior Olympic Qualifying whose seat was San Juan de Puerto Rico, which meant achieving direct qualification to the 2004 Olympic games. Enrique Tolcachier addressed in the seasons: 93/94 – 02/03 – 03/04 – 2004/05. Always attended by Jos Luis Pestuggia. Fernando Duro addressed in the seasons: 98/99 – 99/00 – 00 / 01. Eduardo Opezzo always attended.

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