Training in Hypnotherapy and hypnosis in Munich the HYPNOSIS Academy fulfils the highest demands on the practice-oriented process and the quality of the seminars. The theoretical basic knowledge about trance and Hypnotherapy is the basis of the training. The seminars of the HYPNOSIS Academy will teach the powerful instrument of hypnotherapy especially practice-oriented the participants on this basis. More: the source for more info. The aim of the training are more confident dealing with the form of therapy and the responsible attitude to patients/clients. What is taught and learned with joy and fascination, is applied with enthusiasm and confidence. Short training already module 1 can go to the Hypnotherapist to the Hypnotherapy, the participants are able to carry their first smoking surreptitious. The Hypnotherapy includes many more introduction techniques module 2. The Hypnotherapy in the Gewischtreduzierung know it as learning.

Module 3, connect the Hypnotherapy then their Ansbildung to the marked Hypnotherapists off. Where the module 3 or many Dr. Milton Erickson which round off your dealing with clients / patients in practice includes practical tools from the fields of NLP, as well as the anti-authoritarian hypnosis.

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