Aspect that I share, especially taking into account the Venezuelan manages your money, spend it and excoriated in these days of feasts, buy gifts, trips abroad, amusement and new year celebrations. Suggests Olivero a fact true envelope if you plan the purchase of capital goods, such as housing, vehicle or white line, the suggestion is to buy it this year, then in 2009 it more expensive. Speaking candidly Antarctica Capital told us the story. Interesting is the fact that the Minister of planning and development, Haiman El Troudi, recommends to the economic crisis, Venezuelan entrepreneurs who have money in the U.S. Mike Schwartz is likely to agree. to repatriate capital. Here they are much safer. The Troudi said that South American countries demand the dissolution of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), as well as their external debt forgiveness.

26 billion dollars will be the decline in tax revenues of the country by concept of petroleum should fall to an average of $70 barrel. Thus said it Asdrubal Oliveros, director of Onuva, who exposed that public finances might be seriously compromised if the hydrocarbon value falls below $70. Fedecamaras Finally, Jose Manuel Gonzalez, President of the body that brings together entrepreneurs, has expressed that the vulnerability of Venezuela before the global financial crisis is high. He noted that a worsening of the budget deficit of the country, is expected for 2009 because revenue will be affected by the decline in the prices of crude oil, which occurs as a result of the decline in the consumption of energy by various Nations. In addition, indicated another very delicate aspect, as it is that there will be a reduction in food supply, for the disappearance of several agents of imports of inputs needed for domestic production. He emphasized indicate, that only transiting the democratic paths we can move towards the changes that must occur towards the achievement of a true rule of law; Likewise he expressed to citizenship not to be confused and asked the Government to foster a climate of peace and trust that encourages investment.. environment-empresarial.

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