According to Gomez, there is an excessive weight of provincial agreements in collective bargaining, that is why the Government has made a balanced and deep reform. More workers covered by conventions in terms of internal flexibility, reform will require that there is such measures between the minimum contents of a Convention to promote competitiveness and to adapt better to economic and employment circumstances. However, the Royal Decree stresses that internal flexibility measures should be agreed between the representatives of the company and the workers. In this sense, a measure only specific: as at least 5% of annual hours of work of an employee will be distributed unevenly to accommodate the needs of the company’s production. In application of such internal flexibility, if the company decides to modify the conditions of its workers on transfers, day, functions and wages (lift handset, is) say not to apply the agreed rise) maintains 15 day consultation period with unions. Until now if this term ends without agreement the next step was resorting to dispute in the courts, whereas now the Decree reinforces the role of the Joint Commission, which shall decide within a period of seven days. Keep disagreement, it will resort to mediation and arbitration procedures. The Minister of labour said to be convinced that the reform will produce a great performance, because in the medium term it will be to increase the number of companies with own agreement against the gray lunar of the provincial agreement. In addition, there will be more workers covered by conventions over the next few years, predicted Gomez, who added that what is also expected to make less use of the dismissal and that wages or hours move to avoid spoilage as businesses measure workers to exit the crisis..

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