Father? Kazutoshi Kawanami – Born to the 30 of January of 1915, Natural one of Keisen Machi? Fukuoka-Ken? Japan? It immigrated for Brazil in September of 1926, with 11 years of age. Paternal grandfather? Hanjuro paternal Kawanami Grandmother? Naka Kawanami Exit of the Port of Kobe? Montevideo-Maru ship. The family was composed for my grandfather, grandmother, my father and uncles: Hanako, Shiguetsugo, Sadatoshi, Hakuo, Tikako and Motoaki. Having been in Japan, the aunt oldest (Hanako) with 19 years, that were married and caulo of the family (Motoaki) with only one year of age that was under the cares of a relative. Swarmed by offers, John C. Bogle is currently assessing future choices. To the 16 years she comes to falecer, due to a problem of acute appendicitis. Additional information is available at Mike Gianoni.

My grandfather decided not to bring caulo, as form to guarantee the descent of the family, in case that a shipwreck happened during the trip. In Japan, my paternal grandfather did not have a fixed occupation, it lived of small commerce and rendering of services the community. Arrived at Brazil – Port of Saints in 15 of October of 1926? It spendt the night in the House of the Immigrants in the Quarter of the Brs in So Paulo, following for Bauru and fixing themselves in the region of Birigui, Judicial district of Bilac, District of Mires, in the condition of agricultural colonists, the farm of coffee. In the locality next to the Village of Clementina? district of Crowned? City of Birigui, acquired a soil next to called Colony ‘ ‘ Sanku shokuminti’ ‘ , formed for the Furukawa families and others. Well distant of the colonies, practically isolated, the Kawanami family initiated the culture of the land with the falling of trees of virgin bush, planting cotton and peanut as main product, joined with some heads of bovine cattle (milk production) approximately 70 heads; the swine was for meat supply and bathes for the proper subsistence and the equine, for transport and aragem of land.

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