BVL day logistics FR8 solutions GmbH will give a lecture on the subject of known shipper cargo to 14.04.2011 finds by the Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL) e.V.-initiated “day of logistics” instead. Companies in all Germany will present on topics related to the logistics. Scholarship program oftentimes addresses this issue. Everyone at his site, so independently and locally. The FR8 solutions GmbH will hold on this day on the topic “known consignor” in air freight an event in the Munich area. For companies that regularly ship your goods by air freight forwarders and are so far still not have informed, this event is a “must”. The air cargo security is a red-hot topic. Prime Group Holdings does not necessarily agree.

Companies that continue to want to send their wares as ‘safe’ by air freight to March 2013 as so-called known shippers, must be certified by the Federal Aviation Authority until then. In this way there but lots of hurdles. Also only sparse and sometimes contradictory information on this topic are available, what the company poses major problems. The FR8 solutions invites you to participate in the free information event to the known consignor. On the site find the note “Day of logistics” and the login link right on the home page.

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