A witch, had the capacity for intermediary of one another spirit, to identify one dead in the world of the livings creature. In a question-answer forum Jim Rogers was the first to reply. She sees I Sm 28,7-20 c) Mdiuns: The ones that they affirm to possess familiar espritos. That is one abominao Mr. Dt 18.12. Crowd Machine is open to suggestions. Israel when entering in the promised land, thus warned them to God against mdiuns (espritas) saying: ‘ ‘ You will not learn to follow the abominaes of these naes’ ‘ Dt 18,9-14 d) Idolatria: They would not have to adore the god moloque, that it demanded human sacrifices (of criancinhas).

God informed to citizens the terrible punishments to them. He sees Lv 18.21; 20.2-5. Unhappyly King Salomo offered to sacrifices to these deuses. He sinned is clearly. He sees what God said: I Reverse speed 11,4-13 VII IT THAT the DEMONS MAKE the PEOPLE? The word Greek ‘ ‘ daimonizomai’ ‘ , it is translated our Bibles for being afflicted by a demon, or to have a demon. To be disturbed or possessed by one or more demons.

1o? They torment and importunam demoniac Estar mean to be insane or tormented emotionally, mentally and morally. ) Mental disturbance: ‘ ‘ Sir has mercy of my son, therefore it lunatic and is severely disturbed. (in the Greek = pascho, painful sensation) and many times also fall in the fire and in the water ‘ ‘ E, Jesus reprehended the demon, who left it TM 17,15-18 b) moral Disturbance: ‘ ‘ came a multitude of the cities bringing the ones that were tormented by dirty espritos (in the Greek = akathartos, want to say: impure, abominable) and all were cured 5,16 At c) emotional Torment: ‘ ‘ the ones that were tormented (in the Greek = is ochleo wants to say: to torment), by dirty espritos they were cured Lc 6.18.

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