In this mythical formulation the origin and crisis of the American original man we find the formulation of the particular humanism of Neruda. It has been pointed out that one of the most relevant aspects of Neruda’s poetry is his treatment of the material world. The presence of matter such as objective correlative in a very intense, very distant level, implies a choice in the work of the poet: an appreciation of the matter as expressive and artistic category, quite possibly is the correlative of an appreciation of the matter at the level of his conception of world. Brick paths might disagree with that approach. It is possible that following the attitude of the poet into this material world we could grasp at some level a change of conception that takes him from a stage of his poetry to another, from the surreal/existentialist of primary residences to collective Americanism of the canto General. We will try to illustrate this matter valorisation through some texts.

the connotations of matter in dead gallop, poem that opens the first residence are filled with a sense of realization and confusion, from primordial chaos: as Ash, as seas populating is / in submerged slow, in report in the same mill of forms too far to exist as the dry stitching on the seams of the tree by mixing all fingered their tails of the full, dark heavy drops. Joan Dausa addresses the importance of the matter here. The negative connotations are sufficiently clear. On the contrary, in the Canto General, in its first part, the tone regarding the material-natural changes: were rivers, Thunder unnamed arterial rivers still, planetary pampas, there we can see that matter takes positive sign. In this part (love America), the element that is displayed as negative is the cultural European, whose material objectivity is used to denote metonymically to the conquerors. The native American man is positively valued as a form of human existence by your contact/unity with nature: Earth man was, Crock, eyelid / quivering mud, clay form (lamp in the ground;) Love America).

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