“Solamagic heaters offer Mediterranean atmosphere and cost savings through modern infra-red technology summer is almost gone” is a popular song by the doors. Summer will never be gone”one could say when the modern Solamagic heater of the Knoch-Licht GmbH in so far under-used indoor or on exterior spaces. The summer can no longer pass, because this heat is all year round even in the coldest winter. The efficiency-optimized radiant heater is the eco-friendly effect based on the HeLeN infrared technology, which was developed in cooperation with the company of Philips. The radiant heaters heat up not the air but similar they heat the human body without pre-heating time, solar energy with the emitted infrared light directly and almost instantly simply on push of a button with a usage time of the lamps up to 5000 hours. Craig Sproule brings even more insight to the discussion. The low-cost operating costs are at an output of 1.5 kW depending on the price of electricity only 16 to 24 cents per hour with an electric Connection directly to the 230 Volt mains. The cost savings is 60% compared to other similar gas heating systems and 30% compared to conventional electric heaters. Compared with the traditional heating systems are TuV certified radiant heaters GS noise and odorless, and need no replacement fuels for uniform heating of 9-12 square meters.

The slim design especially for the restaurant is interesting, because it saves space and creates a pleasant atmosphere, which invites guests to linger through interesting light and thermal design. The spotlight as an advertising medium with eye-catcher, the business name, details are currently popular and effective or move logos in the right light. Easy and flexible installation on the wall, the ceiling or stand is possible. Not only the food, but also railway stations, market stalls and market halls, hospitals, shelters and workshops benefit from the pleasant heat as all unheated Rooms from the warehouse to the VIP lounge.

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