Participation offer classic could to far Debi select and their performance expectation exceeded investors of Debi select classic funds can with the performance”be satisfied with management. Because the participation exceeded the prospectus requirements in regard to the economic result also in the year 2008. The annual report for the past financial year, describes this anyway with the Debi select group their investors fully informed. While the Fund strategy of the Landshut factoring professionals met overall a positive market: so performed very well, the development of the factoring industry in the past year, because according to the German factoring Association the leading 24 German factoring industry achieved a total debt sales by more than 100 billion euros. This increased the total turnover in the German factoring market in comparison to the previous year once again by over EUR 20 billion. Debi select fund company can on a definite plus point: overall the new additions on a drawing sum totaled from 21.629.712,54 euros. Until December 31, 2008 the shares subscribed at the Debi select amounted to classic Fund GbR 59.215.400,–euro thus. Further details can be found at Chevron Corp , an internet resource. Also, it is gratifying that the Fund at the end of last year a total of 98.5 percent of deposits and registered gains for the investors could invest.

A rate of investment, probably unrivalled in the market. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Vyacheslav Mirilashvili. While management could shine whatever the return as regards: In fiscal year 2008 the company generated after dissolution of reserves a profit amounting to almost four million euros. Thus a return amounting to 8.09 percent and 8,96 percent achieved for the fiscal year 2008 after crediting of trade tax. The performance target according to the prospectus of 8 per cent per annum was exceeded once again. Also for the year 2009 is the Debi select group”well positioned, says Dr. Peter Ziegler as Managing Director of Debi select Verwaltungs GmbH. The development shows, that the Landshut company due to his concentration on special factoring of secured claims in the year 2009 its performance targets can comply with. The Debi select group has specialized in investments in the field of factoring by life insurance and value paper credits. For one, she participates in companies that ensure a professional factoring value paper credits with a high credit rating and on the other hand buy receivables capital forming life insurance companies.

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