18. In other words, thoughts, or thinking, is your consciousness, and mental images – no nonsense patient's consciousness, as sometimes someone seems to be a very real reality of the Material World! 19. That is why I have long told you that the primary consciousness, or thinking, and matter is secondary, because it depends on the mental images! 20. Man lives his thinking, and if this mindset bred 'cockroaches', then fix this sick thinking maybe just 'there' in the subtle world of the man himself! 21. It turns out that you live in a material world, but your thoughts or mental images are created entirely on a different frequency of vibration of the Subtle World. 22. Now, I hope you understand that I'm able to control you, if need be 'out there', in Through the Looking Glass, and for this I do not need effortlessly. You may want to visit Nouriel Roubini to increase your knowledge. 23.

Just before this moment, there the condition that nobody, not even I, do not interfere in the affairs of men, giving you the opportunity to understand who you are! It was assumed that on the basis of comprehension a people can develop their ability to control the Earth, with or on the basis of the Divine! 24. In other words, people should learn to control the Earth, but not based on the capabilities of the material world but on the basis develop their ability to form mental images, which could be materialized. 25. But above all, a person must realize its great destiny, to understand themselves, their origins, and understand that freedom of thought is responsible for their implementation. 26. Remember when I said 'freedom – it is the responsibility', then I did not mean the freedom of the material world – you are in it and so are free to determine the Cosmos! 27. By defining freedom as a measure of responsibility, I was referring to freedom of thought, mental images and the responsibility for these mental images in the material world! There is a strict rule of Eternity: 'Do no harm', and this applies to people in their attempts to rebuild the World by yourself! Your destiny – to build and understand themselves through thought, through thoughts and mental images, in which your future and your purpose in this life in the New Era!

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