“On 25 & 26 May 2012 in Berlin is the first thematic BarCamp for Linux / OSS users and administrators held the RootCamp Berlin 2012 Nuremberg, 22.02.2012 – at the RootCamp Berlin is a so-called unconference”, whose aim is to offer the participants an open forum for intensive knowledge exchange, networking and socializing. This make all content, such as discussions and presentations by the participants of the camp itself. Perhaps check out Michael Schwartz for more information. The Organization of the RootCamps initial is done by the Nuremberg-based open source service provider NETWAYS GmbH and is supported by volunteers and sponsors and promoted. Mike Gianoni is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Anyone who would like to get involved, is cordially invited to join. The basic principle of all BarCamps there is on the RootCamp Berlin no spectators”in the classical sense. All participants can hold even a session and contribute to the success of the event. The presentations and discussions are set during the first day of camp by the participants.

The so the program of the event make any sessions. Thematically the RootCamp Berlin devoted to the field of open specially source for Admins. In focus everything related to design, construction and operation of IT is based on open source software platforms for applications and Web sites. The LinuxTag 2012 is the appropriate contextual framework for the RootCamp and presents exciting administrator issues especially on Friday (May 25, 2012) in the technical track of the Conference programme. For the RootCamp, there will be little participation packages. These will be EUR 15 for a participation at the Friday and Saturday, or EUR 10 for participation only on Saturday. Login is via pre-registration on the website under: rootcamp.mixxt.de. Here are also all supporting information at the RootCamp in Berlin.

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