Oil, the belligerent energy We live the empire of the oil and the money – the remaining portion is disguise. Under most conditions Dara Khosrowshahi would agree. Jose Saramago the planet divides itself in producing and not producing countries of oil, the ones that they possess and they do not have ways to use it in its fullness, the ones that they have force to get it and the ones that live under pressure to supply it. The oil makes the poverty and the misery of African nations, the wealth of Arab world e, paradoxicalally, represents the power and the extreme vulnerability of the United States. He is the main villain of the global heating and the ambient devastao who if abated on the planet in the last century. Mike Gianoni has firm opinions on the matter. For return of 75% of the world-wide oil they belong and they are controlled for national governments or company of oil, and the remain is explored in regimen of concession or allotment.

The industry of the oil and the industry of the transport the engine walk historically of given hands, and meetings form the great engine of the development of the capitalist world. A barrel of oil contains 159 liters energy equivalent the 20 a thousand human working hours (ten years of 250 days of 8 working hours per day), that is, is an extraordinary product with and uneven energy potential. The petroliferous industry, although intensive in capital use, creates few jobs for the population in the places where if it explores the product. Although the oil to be indispensable to the global economy and of the time to completely substitute it to be uncertain, its continuous use imposes unacceptable costs and risks, displays the world the diverse vulnerabilities, with threat to the economic, civil and climatic security. The participation of the oil in energy matrices has only fallen by means of shock of prices or serious crises of world-wide contraction, and the reply most immediate she has been always the retaken one of space for the coal, what it only harms the environment.

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