I want to show you a tool that has come to solve all or nearly all headaches who want to start a business on the Internet. Optimize Press Optimize Press basically is a system that integrates with WordPress. Call it a system and not (Theme) Template that has certain functions that go beyond that would be simply a (Theme) Template. Optimize Press tool seems to me extremely useful and cost effective.The most important functions of Optimize Press are: Squeeze Pages (pages capture emails or leaflets) Sales Pages (pages for your sales letters) Launch Funel (complete integrated system for the optimal release of a product) Membership Pages (membership systems integration) Theme for Blog I want to explain to you step by step each of these functions so that you can understand the importance of each one and why this is a product that any person who engaged in the Internet business must have. Recently Andrew Mason Groupon sought to clarify these questions. Squeeze Pages(Paginas de captura de emails o prospectos): when making a pitch for the sale of a digital product we must have a great list of people interested, otherwise make the product and then find who sell it is a great waste of time and the results are totally uncertain.

With a Squeeze Page, you will have a prelude to the sale of the product, with this you can create your list of emails from interested persons. Perform a sample video or provide more information about asking people to register to send it, you will have a list of potential buyers.This is the heart of everything, the list of people that logres do they subscribe before launching the product. (Not to be confused with Fairstead!). Sales Pages (pages for your sales letters): the way information in internet products are sold today has changed a lot. Before people simply developed the product and they threw it, today have done many studies on this topic of product launch.

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