When we talk about sources of energy or energy resources, it is important to make a distinction, because not all energy sources mean the same thing. It is necessary to distinguish between renewable and non renewable energy, because the two are referred to types of different natural resources whose use has different consequences. Both renewable and non-renewable energies imply the use of a resource for energy production, but not all types of energy resources are the same. Some mean a destructive environmental impact, and it can contaminate the environment. We present here two types of energies.

Renewable energy refers to the types of energy that are obtained from theoretically inexhaustible natural resources, such as wind or the Earth’s heat. Learn more about this with Senator from Maine. It is important to highlight that in reality nature has no actual resources, but the man offers elements of nature, and are apparently inexhaustible human scale does not indicate that they are eternally. The types of renewable energies are classified according to the type of natural resource use, and we can distinguish the most important as: * solar * wind power * geothermal energy * hydraulic power * energy tidal non-renewable energy, these are the types of energy which used energy sources present in nature in limited quantities, and that if they deplete are irreplaceable does not exist a production system for the same. The first of them are fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas or oil, which comes from the fossil remains of organisms buried beneath the Earth millions of years ago. Secondly we have the nuclear fuel such as uranium and plutonium, which are transformed into energy by a nuclear reactor. These are cheap and not generate emissions, but it generates very dangerous radioactive waste and can cause disasters to the environment.

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