According to the professionals – SEO-optimized text should have a few essential characteristics, so let's say, it is important to take into account its quality and uniqueness. In connection with this demand are two types of such Services – Writing and rewriting. Writing – this is directly the establishment of professional texts. This text will be 100% unique. Through copywriting can be promoted in the modern Internet products and services – it will be most effective tool for promotion.

Additional direction – rewriting. The transformation process is called article rewriting. The objective of this process lies in the fact that the author of the text visually and structurally different from the original, but bears the same essence and meaning of the original article. There are three primary requirements that must respond to any text placed on the portal: reproduction, refinement and ranking – just such requirements must be met in order to search engine can determine the degree of uniqueness of the text. Technology lsi (Latent Semantic Indexing), which stands for Latent Semantic indexing ", helps to solve these problems. But the same technology used is not always, but the main thing – is that the most popular search engine google.

com is focused directly on this version of the definition of relevance information. It was necessary to note that the search engines use such technology, there is a certain "quality" system. A quality system provides the ranking of pages and then gives them visitors who typed your query in the search engine. The better your text, so it has priority in a database search engine. At the end of this article I would like to say that SEO-optimized site will require a high theoretical and practical skills. Professionals often need more than one year to master these skills and learn how to use them. A combination of measures to optimize – optimize text, code optimization web page optimization headlines, up to writing articles in order – will be the most effective option to promote any portal in search engines.

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