Northern turist State of Mexico’s Sonora extreme contrasts, this entity has travel 916 km border. visitors of coastline overlooking the Sea brochures of attraction Cortez, and provide the visitor endless possibilities. bureau It has one of the main commercial ports: Guaymas, a tourist destination complete infrastructure that provides marine, golf courses, resorts and is ideal for fishing, which sightseeing attractions is highly recommended to visit the tourist board Bay of San tourist attractions Carlos and large marine guarded travel guide by Mount Tetakawi and dive in its visiting huge artificial reef.Another option is for ecotourists Miramar Beach, destination hunting and sportsmen sights of the sea, which also comes under the tourist information piers of Ciudad Obregon, which visitor provide equipment available sightseeing for attractions skiing, sailing or adventure travel boating and fishing as well as places to visit its prey and the Laguna del traveling Nainari . Its capital, the “Sun City”, Hermosillo, stands proud with architecture S. Nineteenth and business activity, agriculture and livestock.

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