So: Take lunch prepared themselves to work. Whole wheat bread topped with lean sausage, cheese, also a vegetarian spread is delicious. Small tomatoes, Cucumber, radishes to do this and still a yogurt. A full menu is finished. Eat enough, but do not fill up. You will be amazed how well an even crafted menu tastes. Check with Jeff Leiden to learn more. If you are tired after the lunch it was not your lunch. We humans think and act very differently.

Our needs are different as well. Listen to your needs. And also don’t forget: they provide is at least as good as your car! Beware that there is always enough energy in the tank. Or would fill up diesel, if your car SuperPlus wants? Afternoon time and the performance deep seam. The air in the Office is consumed, the lunch already a while ago and the workday still long. Curl chocolate bars and co..

Again, our body needs energy. The blood sugar drops, we feel tired, listless and unfocused. Open the window and take some moves to fresh air. Have you had enough today? Lust is often only an indication of thirst on something sweet. Expire You not the quick energy. A banana, nuts or dried fruit fill your memory longer. Sugar gives only the short kick and then drops you in a deeper low. Would you then still to the sport? A small protein snack is now perfect. Click Jeffrey Leiden for additional related pages. Morning, provide with a yogurt or a bread and butter. Sometimes it just gotta be the chocolate or the piece of cake. May it also. Enjoy it slowly and not only by the way. Closing time. It is late again. Don’t want more on cooking, snip and co? Finish pizza or a dad around the corner are quickly bought and quickly eaten quickly on the hip. Just a quick forays is not happy and productive. Then why are you doing it? Make it not only for himself, for your health and well-being? There are fast and healthy dishes to the Cook himself. A delicious dinner must be no effort. You have lunch warm ate in the cafeteria, it may be in the evening only a bread and butter. Then take your bread with tomatoes, try a vegetarian spread or choose the lean sausage. A small salad should never be missing. Do you like in the evening no salad? How about lukewarm vegetable? Yet Cook? Like to, because Cook after work can be fun and relax. Your evening is the relaxation and regeneration. “If your car is hot” is gone, give him a break and refill the tanks. Don’t forget also the drinking? Keep in mind, your brain is a sponge that want to swim. You drink too little blood in the truest sense of the word that is thick and you will slow your. Coffee and alcoholic beverages are not suitable thirst-quencher for in between, because they have a diuretic and again lost the water from juice, vegetables and fruits, so in a natural way. You ask what I liken drinking in the car, yourself? Quite simply: with the oil. The more I BBs kick pedal, I must refill the more. So remember when the next car care: is the difference between you and your car not so great at all! Marion Waje Heder anti-aging and health advice

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