Monthly Saratov recovered from their mailboxes account for housing and communal services and for gas, vnimtelno their study. These documents have become a familiar part of life of citizens. The inhabitants of Saratov pay for them consumed convenience, find the latest legislation and activities of service providers. But the interesting thing is that they can use these documents as a kind of concentrate of the most unique, most profitable offers enterprises of Saratov for such consumer as a household. The most famous banks are offering to place funds at favorable interest rates and loans on easy schemes. Trade Networks publishes its own unique proposals. Small businesses that serve within the same district, also use this method to inform their customers that they have new in stock. Find an organization that deals with the release forms for press accounts, did not provide easy: contact details have been put on the form.

"Center of communication," City "exists on the market in Saratov in 2004. March first communications center held a seminar on "The Struggle for consumer in terms of advertising noise. Tools, Technologies, which was devoted to overcoming the diminishing use of traditional media in the promotion. Discuss the issues identified in the workshop with the Director ooo Central City Denis. ak – Tell us about your organization, Denis, about kakimobrazom you came to the idea of printing forms for providers of housing and . dm – I allow myself, before chemmy begin to say a few words about our customers.

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