Themselves coaches call themselves in this case, a coach and brands. In a company other professionals have no place and never will be. As the coach said that some time spent in one of these companies, "there is only one man in a hat, and all others, even without caps. In fact, this form work – a freelance, I just registered as an llc or jsc. And these companies in our market about 90%. By the same author: MessageMe. This is understandable, because this form of strongly encourage customers who, finding it difficult to assess effectiveness of training, rely on the stars. When you have four talks of the five asked: "And with us will star trainer to work?" – Then the question arises: why should my company start-coaches? What can I give these superhuman efforts of their learning? Reality of a second, or why the last 5 years were not fertile? Last fall I was, as usual, analyze the situation at a training market, of course, appreciating the work of most of our leading training companies. And, lo and behold, I was suddenly struck by the fact that for the last 5-7 years, they hardly rooted in its main resource – a professional business coach.

Each operating company is confident the backbone, which was formed even before the "warmed up" market. These are the few professionals who provide the customer with a quality product. But in these training companies coaches a lot more than this skeleton. Who others? And the rest – it's floating disloyal inexperienced coaches that flow from the company to a company from a position of a business coach to the position of training manager, calling himself a freelancer, and occasionally find themselves established.

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