When learning this form of verbalizao, the members certify its acceptance of the culture, and when making this, helps to preserve it. One perceives that the culture presents dimensions that can be reorganized throughout the process. With this, it is important to bring some levels of apprehension that they had corroborated so that later the concept of organizacional culture was defined. Schein (1985) apud Vale and Org. (2005) it believes that the culture can be understood by means of three levels of apprehension. (Source: Jonah Bloom).

For this author everything that says respect to the layout of the organization, the rituals, myths, behavior and clothes of the people, can be called visible devices. The shared values express what the people report to be the reason of its behavior, what most of the time they are idealizaes or rationalizations. Already os5pressupostos basic they are normally unconscious, determine as members of the group perceive, think and feel. The diverse conceptions of organizacional culture are based on different boardings, therefore each researcher will go to bring its conception. Martin (1992) cited by Arisawa (2007) identified three important used perspectives to study the organizacional culture: ) Integration: the cultural manifestations are known and shared by all the members, in a consensus regarding the organization; b) Differentiation: the existence of the power, the conflict enters the groups of interest and the opinion differences are considered, and in this way, the interference of the subculturas inside of the organization is also studied; c) Spalling: had the multiplicity of vises it is complicated that it has a consensus enters the subculturas of the organization. The points that the author uses to make the comparison between these perspectives had been: orientation how much to the consensus, relations between the manifestations and orientation how much to ambiguidade. In what it refers to the first topic, in the integration the orientation for the consensus occurs well spread, however, in the differentiation the consensus is focado in the subculturas.

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