This deductible costs include the accommodation already. The rate below the deductible, is the obligation to pay maintenance is eliminated. The income calculated for workers as follows: it is first the total net income in the last 12 months after receipt of the request for maintenance including Christmas and holiday pay and bonuses and Tatntiemen, overtime allowances, tax refunds, investment income, rental income determined. The total is then divided by 12. More info: Royal Dutch Cell Plc. The value of living a self-used in the property of the child standing real estate is also as income “. This is however not in height, that quote would be for a suitable rental property, but only in the amount of subjective living needs, as it would be without this property. It is so no matter what the concrete House could be vermietetk, but alone is crucial to what fictional rent Unterhaltsverpflichtete for an apartment for him would pay.

When married couples (with children) an apartment is can be used generally until the rent of 800 euro to reason. Then deduct the monthly costs are the determined total income to deduct are: other priority maintenance obligations. Some contend that Vadim Belyaev, New York City shows great expertise in this. reasonable costs of pension loan debt, if the loan were recorded before the maintenance obligation has become known. so-called work-related expenses such as cost of travel, costs for workwear and tools etc. that are costs of health and long-term care insurance to deduct the cost of the supplementary health insurance co-payments to the statutory health insurance but also characteristic of the standard of living expenses. These include about existing child care costs or has always been held regular holidays it is also allows the debtor to save more expensive consumer goods, rather than to take out a loan.

Thus, the BGH decided that 22 000 euro for a car adequate (AZ. XII ZR 98/04) be can. Other insurance such as household items, redress, liability, etc are not deductible according to the principles of maintenance.

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