Its oration repeated very many times, so many, that it lost the account. Pareciera that you do not listen to to me, used to complain before the Gentleman. A day was ventured to wait for it of the work when coming out. It knew that invariably it finished to turn past the six of afternoon. And one did not occur by won, although it was falling a persistent rain on the city. Impassible. Arranged to approach it. Even, preparation in case Raquel made him pass a shame doing to him a rudeness.

One did not occur by won, although it lost the account of the times that consulted its clock, with the sensation of which the small hands seemed to have stopped in the time. – We must speak said to him, and without waiting for answer, almost dragging it of a hand it lead, it to a parquecito. Seated, other people’s to which it even happened around and, to the boy who almost strikes to them with a ball, it was decided to request pardon to him: I recognize that I committed an error. I must not have said what that one day. But it was infuriated. I know that you will know to pardon – and waited for the answer a time to me that seemed to him an eternity.

The conversation was hurried, with orders of pardon and commitments of not backsliding in saying words that they caused wounded. I recognize that also I exceed sometimes. But you will see that in future is not going to happen . It measures the reach than it says? It is surprising, but what tenth, how it tenth and in what tenth moment it, is determining so that the interpersonal relations are highly satisfactory, moderately manageable or simply, they incline to the cracking. You may find that Nouriel Roubini can contribute to your knowledge.

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