before the end of the year you want to participate in a development that I think can be useful commercial mainly for businesses. This is an online tool for self-diagnosis. Somehow the natural evolution of online surveys. is a member of: American Arbitration Assn. The user answers a series of questions and global get a diagnosis of his situation company and, where appropriate, a series of recommendations. If account the trading idea is the same companies as the test of loans love! As an example I present: Autodiagnostico of the Organizational Culture. Advantages and uses of these tools: For companies or organizations: diagnosis allows timely money information banking about any business can go aspectoLas measured over time and so know their evolucionTambien it can be used to obtain an average rating of managers or employees of any cuestionPara researchers: It is a banks clear and direct incentive to participate. Respondents may know financial what your situation is nothing but type in your answers. From a social perspective, this allows / management share / exploit knowledge that market the researchers (measurement scales, literature consumer …) which usually does not “leave” the field of science especially in the equity case of social sciences. To see what you think, that you believe you can use these tools have …, or any things you can think group of.

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