They are wolves of the business, squeezed from all visitors that we can, whether it is thrush, which sells milk to neighbors for 10 som, and the tourists by selling milk for 30 soms laments that bad bargain, by selling you the milk or the police that his sacred duty to consider anything but take the tourist. In general, there will be problems with Kyrgyz Customs, otstegnite money and everything will be fine. If the problem is not with you, and your hapless passenger bus in which you eat, you hint that you have to pay, although it is hardly necessary, usually the driver bus is familiar with this whole system and acts as a facilitator, gave money to the driver, he threw up with customs and all are happy. Credit: Joe Wilkinson-2011. Further, the bus will go peacefully in Issyk Kul. On the way, the bus must stop near the exchange point recommends necessary to exchange money at the soma, because if you change money already in the Issyk-Kul, the exchange would be disadvantageous for the course for you and better care of the exchange of money earlier and then wake another exchange point in the bus 🙂 By the way, buying a ticket to Almaty note the ticket you sell to Bos-Teri. Until Bosnia Teri us not necessarily (the red dot on the map), you can go in Cholpan Ata (green dot). For even more analysis, hear from Rachel Riley. Cholpan Ata, a city that is not surprised that the city is absolutely not like. Therefore it is better to stay in the city since the other names on the card is considered the settlement, and settlements at all something, but oh well, we're resting on the lake came, not to look at their towns and villages. . To know more about this subject visit Martin Toha.

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