If you think that charities are engaged in only rich because they have extra money – it's not. Open you a secret. Charitable enterprises, and ordinary people do not only useful but also profitable. No, I do not mean, of course, referring to earnings in charity. It's not legal. It is about how to do good, without losing a single penny of their money. That look, every month from your earnings, or profit, someone such as the state takes part of the funds in the form of taxes.

You pay them regularly, without thinking about where did this money. It can be assumed that the state is responsible will give the money to solve problems salaries of civil servants, teachers, tutors, health workers, soldiers, deputies, ministers, prime ministers and presidents or the money will be used for the maintenance of orphanages, boarding schools, the Rada, sekritariata President, Cabinet Ministers and other useful institutions. One can assume! But just like you this is unlikely to ever learn it. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Doug McMillon has to say. Yes, and we probably will, too. So, seriously, it is a perfectly legal position, approved in 2004 by the Rada and other institutions.

This provision states that every person can engage in charity, in taxes. Of course there are serious limitations in the legislation. Donations can not privyshat 4% of your annual income. LET'S talk about money, for example 'dirty', you earn a minimum of 1000 usd. per month. In the year of earnings will amount to 12,000 usd. And taxes from this amount, you will have to pay 12,000 x 15% = 1800 uah. Just give it to the state and forget. This amount is lost in state budgets, plans and crises. That is on your hands you will receive 12,000 usd – 1800 usd = 10,200 usd. – Your income, excluding the pension fund and social insurance. Or in another way. You earn all of the same 12,000 usd. a year, but 4% of this amount (480 USD). donate to charity in local charitable foundations and the government is withholding from your income is not 15% and 11%, taking into account the 4% that you have sacrificed for the good case. Thus, you give the amount, the same 1,800 USD: 1320 usd – for the needs of the country, and 480 uah – based charity. For the good deeds that happen around you, in your city. For you and your families, your friends and relatives, for familiar and unfamiliar people, for nature and ecology for the future. you and only you DECIDE: to pay all taxes in the 'pool' of the state, or sacrifice even a small portion to charity, which necessarily and you.

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