The Econ. Danilo Race Drouet, then President Ejecutivo de Finansur, is designated President Ejecutivo of the Bank of Guayaquil; his replacement in the Executive Presidency of Finansur is Mr. Guillermo Lasso Mendoza. From this date, the new administration of Banco de Guayaquil S.A. applies a modern approach of bank, acquires the falsified equipment of computation more of the market and creates four basic divisions to develop its services: Corporative bank, Personal Bank, Investment bank and the Division of Credit cards Sight Vg. 1990: Taking advantage of the recent reforms to the General Law Banks, the 9 of August arise the fusion between Banco de Guayaquil S.A. and the Financier from Sur S.A. Finansur. To broaden your perception, visit matthew conley.

Thus Banco de Guayaquil S.A. is created, with a paid capital of 8,200 million of sucres. Mr. Guillermo Lasso Mendoza, then President Ejecutivo de Finansur, is appointed Vice-president Ejecutivo – General Manager of the Bank of Guayaquil. A firm positioning in the national market like the first Bench of Ecuador begins therefore, that offers all the banking and financial services through a single organization. 1993: The Bank of Guayaquil begins its program of strategic planning. Between its objectives they are continuous improvement of its services to the client and the development like institution leader in the national banking system. The Econ.

Danilo Drouet Race is President of the Directory and Mr. Guillermo Lasso Mendoza is President Ejecutivo of Banco de Guayaquil S.A. 1995: The 29 of March, the Meeting of Shareholders of Banco de Guayaquil S.A., approve to subscribe an agreement of responsibility with the subsidiary companies: Guayaquil Bank, Administrator of Bottoms Vg, House of Values Multivalues Vg and River Guayas company. of Insurances and Reinsurance. This agreement jeopardizes the endorsement of the operations of these companies until by the value of its own assets, with the bank as proprietor of the 100% of the actions and with right to vote in each one of the subsidiaries. 1997: The Bank of Guayaquil megres with the Bank General Society and it becomes one of the greatest banks of the country. Original author and source of the article.

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