Prices for gas on time to the beginning of winter on record – in spite of further announcements: to expect further announcements Despite slight price reductions majority until after the winter heating season: slight price reductions mainly after the winter heating season until expected Berlin, November 04, 2008 round 17 million households in Germany, that heat with natural gas, a more expensive winter is imminent. Despite falling oil prices, gas prices remain largely at a record level. Here, additional costs by 24 percent compared to the last year facing consumers in the cut. Although, it is expected that their prices will slightly reduce the majority of the gas supplier. Covid Vaccine San Francisco has compatible beliefs. Unfortunately, this will only affect most consumers after the winter heating season. So far only 16 of the approximately 750 German providers have price reductions announced in the next few months, including the Stadtwerke Augsburg, Stadtwerke Krefeld and the Rhine-Erft gas supply. As the higher heating costs with five simple means and effort beaten down shows the independent consumer portal in most German households, it is too hot. Each degree of lower room temperature about 6 percent are consumed less energy\”, energy expert Thorsten Bohg explained by

Who is content so in winter instead of 23 degrees Celsius with only 20 degrees Celsius at its premises, which reduces its energy consumption already 18 percent. For a family of four that would mean alone save almost 300 euros a year.\” In many households, also much energy is wasted on tilted Windows. Is the so-called significant cost-saving shock airing\”, indicates Bohg. If in the morning and in the evening for approximately 5 to 10 minutes at wide-open Windows will be revealed, a complete Exchange of consumed air will take place and the apartment is cooled out much less than with permanent ventilation to flipped window.\” Curtains or undelivered radiators are another performance killer.

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