Star on the Walk of Fame Hollywood.
In June 1973, Sinatra returned to the recording studios with producer-arranger Don Costa and arranger Gordon Jenkins to record Ol’Blue eyes is back, that album went on the market with a special broadcast of the same title, which includes singer and actor Gene Kelly, issued on November 18, 1973.
In July 1974 began a tour of the Far East, five countries in Europe and Australia. At the end of the year, ended his relationship with Barbara. After some attempts to establish a relationship with other women, among them was Jacqueline Kennedy, Barbara Sinatra and unite again.
On April 1, 1976 Sinatra performed at the Westchester Premier Theater. After the performance, we made a photo shoot from which arise the famous photo in which the singer appears with several organized crime figures, including Jimmy Fratianno and Carlo Gambino.
He was finally married to Barbara Marx July 11, 1976 in Sunnylands, an estate of Walter Annenberg in Palm Springs.
On January 9, 1977, Sinatra’s mother, Dolly, died after a plane crash in San Gorgonio Mountain in Southern California. His death had a profound effect on, returning to Catholicism of his youth.
During that year Sinatra produced and acted in his first movie for television, Contract On Cherry Street.
Las Vegas, celebrating his forty years as an artist and his birthday and sixty-four, was awarded the Grammy Trustees Award during a special party at Caesar’s Palace.
During the eighties, Sinatra was very active in terms of concerts. Particularly memorable was given in the Maracan football stadium before 175,000 people. They also sprayed a record that had lasted ninety years at Carnegie Hall, where he was to act for two weeks, to put the sign “no entries” in a single day.
During the presidential campaign of 1980, tirelessly to support Ronald Reagan: was raising more than 250,000, attended the Republican convention in Detroit that nominated Reagan, and where he was elected president, was appointed director of the inaugural gala held on January 19, 1981 in the Capitol Center in Maryland. That same year he premiered his latest film, The first deadly sin.
On February 11, 1981 stated at the offices of the City of Las Vegas in order to be granted a gaming license, which he obtained.
In 1984, Sinatra recorded what would be his last album with new songs: LA is My Lady, whose title song of the same compensation as a means loving the city of Los Angeles after the success of New York, New York. This album was produced by his old collaborator Quincy Jones, who went through a period of maximum popularity thanks to his work on Thriller Michael Jackson.
In December 1987, Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. gave a press conference in Beverly Hills to announce a nationwide tour. Tickets were sold out in each of the cities that made up the twenty-five a lot before the concert, the tour had to be done for the most part without Martin, who could not resist the recent loss of her son.
In 1989 undertook a world tour with Davis and Liza Minnelli, besides continuing with many individual performances. In late years to Sammy Davis Jr. was diagnosed with throat cancer, which finally ended with his life on May 16, 1990. On January 24 Ava Gardner died. Yet, that same year began a tour that would last throughout 1991, along with Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorm, to celebrate his fifty years in the world of music. The tour runs down all the locations. The memory of the singer, however, began to fail and he had developed cataracts in both eyes prevented him from properly reading the four screens at the edge of the stage. Yet, despite his age, the program of tours of Sinatra from 1991 to the end of 1994 was extraordinary, acting almost every week to enthusiastic public around the world. His fortune in 1991 was, according to Forbes magazine, a 26 million.
1993 would be the year that would be in the top of the charts with their first album in ten years, Duets, with thirteen songs to classical rewritable duo with some of the most popular singers of the moment, as Bono, U-group 2, Liza Minnelli and Julio Iglesias. The album, whose recording Sinatra was never in the studio with none of his colleagues, because their parts were recorded separately, was a great success and sold millions of copies, reaching number 1 on the Billboard charts. Duets II in 1995 and leave that same year he received an award for his entire professional life in the delivery of the Grammy.
On February 25, 1995 offered what would be his last concert at the Desert Springs Resort and Spa at the Marriott hotel in a private party of about twelve hundred people on the last day of the tournament Frank Sinatra Desert Classic golf.

The New York Observer
Martin Scorsese directing a biopic based on the life of Frank Sinatra feels about as inevitable as some hacky entertainment reporter introduction this bit of information to start spreading the news! Think Ol Blue Eyes Martys as Moby Dick, he is circling the man since 2000, when it was reported that Mr. Scorsese was planning a Dean Martin biopic HanksasDeano with Tom and John …
column this week takes a musical note, each item with texts of some of your favorites, starting with this: You were so young, in love and free, thanks for birthin ‘me Hey Mom, It’s me Lloyd Marcus President Obama’s speech to the gr
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LEGENDARY Australian actor Charles “Bud” Well Ting is deceased after a battle with prostate cancer.
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When he retires in June after almost four decades of production and broadcasting is “Those Were The Days” old-time radio show, Chuck may harm himself with a new challenge.
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