2Nd part. Continuing with the theme to see how it operates in the system to detect from where came the customer to buy the product in the page owner of the program of affiliated merchant that we have affiliated us. When us affiliates to an affiliate program is provide us a link that includes our code of affiliate which always should place all the pages or media that we use to promote the product from the dealer. When the customer clicks on this link and arrives to guard the site merchant system a cookie on the computer of the client, which is a small program that will serve to identify this client when he returns and buys the product or even if purchase it immediately. with these data saved via cookie system paid us the Commission agreed in our account. should be noted that the system saved the cookie up to 120 days, i.e.

that if during this time the customer returns to page of the merchant and buys the product, the Commission will be paid into our account. The cookie duration is variable, is determined by each program’s DO AFFILIATES? especially now that you know what affiliate marketing or programs affiliate from the point of view of the affiliate, it is good to know that media can use to promote products or services to which you’ve affiliated. One of the ways most important to promote products or services of your affiliate program using the Google called ADWORDS online advertising system. To successfully use Adwords I think very important to know and understand what each of these acronyms than Adwords atiliza to describe the different types of advertising programs that offer. 1-CPM: cost per thousand impressions or views of page or advertisement, using basic mode which you pay depending on the number of impressions of your ad, that is of the number of times that displayed your publicidaden one page, regardless of whether users click or performing some kind of action or purchase.

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