It arrived until the stock of the tree, threw the red pepper to him in the mouth to mico sluggish but she did not do anything to him. The squirrel returned to lower and said that the red pepper did not do anything to him to mico. Then it returned to raise with small ants that in the zone know like twnw, whose puncture is very strong. The squirrel arrived and scattered the ants in the body of mico. The pain the punctures of the ants did that mico sluggish outside loosen the tree that maintained until to it did it to the aim.

This tree fell on the world forming lightning, thunders and making bring forth waters. An immense volume formed of the trunk giving origin to the Amazon river and of the branches they went forming the affluent lagoons and. The joy of Yo was so much that put to the water and as they sprinkled it to the drops was becoming a multitude of fish that filled the rivers. The then IPI noticed its solitude and saw that on the water the heart of the tree floated. By it took it to curiosity it planted, it and it took care of by far affection being always pending of him. After some time ate it and felt something wonderful, when hurling the seed came one very beautiful young lady and it said to him that it wanted much to it. In future, it considered it the IPI like his woman.

This was the first pair that existed in the world. Yo returned to the Earth where his IPI brother who already had wife, but when arriving, the wife of the IPI disappeared and Yo only felt and sad. A day went to the port and it sat down to the border of the river when suddenly she appeared to him a very beautiful young person that it remained with him.

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