Seen 2008 at the star, there you can already predict the large losses. Financial crisis late 2009 at 1a experts to provide their talents for assistance. Among them are trained and experienced psychics and fortune-teller, and media that can contact such as angels. Also the great astrologers offer help. Some of them are offered in addition to the astrological even a psychotherapeutic counseling. Found faith healers in the bandwidth also, even that work with animals.

0900-access or “Click and Call” can be connect to the consultants. In addition to advice for every age, also has an online shop, with which also all can refresh their stock Esoterics and broaden their horizons. Financial crisis 2009-astrological observation saw one the stars 2008 contact, would you can already predict the large losses. So it still looks like it is not better. It could even to a premature change of Office of the get American President, Barack Obama. The aspects indicate an even worse collapse of American but also global finances. It should be even worse according to experts, as the great depression of 1929. The history was also in the stars.

The Planet Pluto in Sagittarius led to incorrect assessments and many debts. The current constellation in Scorpio demands justice and compensates for it. The constellations continues to show that there only was the beginning. The kick-off so to speak. In the year 2018, the same combination of planets will occur again, but then another aspect does, which makes the whole thing worse. Generally, the money of humanity is “less” in the coming years. So everyone should save where he can. See Restaurant Michael Schwartz for more details and insights. Positive aspects are not first on the plan of the universe.

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